Quick Start Guide

1.Introduction to ezbook #

1.1.What is ezbook #

EZBook is a resource scheduling and reservation service. It replaces “pen & paper” reservations and scheduling with an online system which can be accessed from anywhere.

EZBook can be structured to provide various levels of access:

  • view only
  • reservation by everyone who is given rights to do so
  • supervisor controlled reservation

Any organization that has shared resources such as meeting rooms or projectors, which are available for use by staff and/or customers will benefit from using EZBook to reserve these resources. This simplifies reservation and avoids duplication reservation. Professionals, such as doctors, lawyers and therapists can also profitably use EZBook to schedule their specialized resources.

1.2.Features #

EZBook displays week-at-a‐time or day-at‐a‐time views for scheduling each resource. This allows you to scan for openings in schedules and to check existing reservations.

The QUICKBOOK function offers simple reserving with one click of the mouse. ADVANCED BOOKING MODE provides for recurring reservations and more complex selections.


EZBook can be configured to your organization’s exact requirements. You can:

  • create an unlimited number of user accounts
  • allow users to register themselves (this avoids unnecessary human dependencies and phone-­‐tag)
  • provide for any type of resource
  • limit operating hours for any resource
  • limit viewing or scheduling rights to individual users or user groups
  • allocate system management responsibilities

EZBook ‘s search functionality allows you to:

  • find available times for high-­‐demand resources
  • find available times common to a group of resources
  • locate existing reservations
  • easily find resources that meet your requirements

EZBook’s online instructions, Help and Support functions provide all the assistance needed to set up and operate this excellent service. The best way to evaluate EZBook is to subscribe to the free trial


A listing of the features by grouped by type are provided below;

Access & Security

  • EZBook is accessible from anywhere using a browser
  • There is nothing to download and no application installation is required
  • Includes a three-tier security with encrypted passwords to manage authorized access
  • “Hide” functionality allows Administrators to tightly control the permissions of Users
  • Configuration options include user registration by Administrator/s and the option for self-registration by users


Updates and System Maintenance

  • New features and updates are implemented on our servers and users don’t need to make any changes on their system


Administration & Setup

  • Site Administrator for each organization controls security and sets booking and viewing rights
  • Administrators in your own organization can reset user passwords if required
  • The Site Administrator can allocate system management responsibilities to other users
  • Access to each resource can be custom set for different users on the basis of ‘location’, ‘resource group’ and ‘resource’
  • The Site Administrator can limit operating hours for any resource
  • The Site Administrator can limit viewing or scheduling rights to individual users or to ‘user groups’
  • Each resource can be set with Multiple User Rights levels – General User, Resource Administrator, Global Administrator – the permissions are set to control administration, reservation and viewing rights
  • Viewing and Booking limitations can be imposed on each resource so that only selected Users may view and/or book it. Booking limitations can also eliminate the opportunity for users to abuse their booking rights.
  • For a quick-start configuration, sample templates are given for A/V equipment, vehicles, meeting rooms, staff etc.
  • The ‘Custom booking information’ feature allows any special booking requirements to be entered at the time of reservation
  • The ‘Custom booking information’ feature can be used to control billing information
  • Attributes of each resource can be presented in tabulation of resources (the data can include plans, photos or even a video)
  • User-defined Internet links can provide additional views and information on resources
  • There is multiple location support for geographic or campus-wide distinctions
  • The Administrator can define time slots in: 5, 6, 10, 15, 20, 30 minute or 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 24 hour increments


Booking Modes

  • The QuickBook feature offers simple reserving with one click of the mouse
  • Recurring reservations can be set at day, week or month intervals
  • Booking schedules for each resource can be presented in ‘day’ and ‘week’ views
  • The ‘Multi-view’ feature displays the schedules for any user-selected location, type or individual resources, for single or multiple dates. The feature also ‘remembers’ the users’ last selection for easy re-selection.
  • The ‘Year-view’ feature displays the schedules for any user-selected resource type or types over several months at a time
  • The ‘Find’ function allows any group of resources to be reserved at one time: ie. A room, AV equipment etc
  • Each user can personalize their booking view detail
  • User-friendly information features include mouse-over tips and pop-ups
  • We offer on-line instruction and Help functions



  • The optional Email feature provides automatic or manual notifications on changes to bookings
  • Email support forms offer Site Administrators the opportunity to email EZBook.com for technical or administrative support
  • There is some integration with Outlook Meeting Request (using ActiveX)


‘Find’ functionality

  • Can be used to determine available times common to group of resources
  • locate available times of any resource
  • locate specific text in an existing reservation record
  • locate existing reservations using any set of criteria, including content of ‘custom fields’



  • Users can extract day-to-day booking reports for resource management (catering, preparation of equipment etc.)
  • Users can pull Print-ready reports on resource utilization provide for usage analysis and billing



There are other features not detailed above

1.3.Security & Privacy #

EZBook is committed to keeping your information private and secure. We use leading edge technologies to protect the confidentiality of your data. There are three levels of user identification for reservations to ensure this privacy:

  • Organization ID
  • Personal ID
  • Password

All scheduling, changes and other transactions are recorded and archived. Details of payment and passwords are encrypted.

1.4.Support #

As soon as your ezbook company site has been set up, your own internal help desk details are posted under the “Administrators” heading in the Support section of the Help files.

Should you not find the answer to your question there, please feel free to refer the FAQ section or contact us.

This is a list of external support addresses to direct your ezbook queries to.

ContactEmailType of Query
Salessales@ezbook.comSales, pricing and partner options.
Administrationadmin@ezbook.comQueries relating to billing, invoices, payment etc.


Queries regarding features, new versions, technical questions, problem reporting and system capabilities.

2.Quick Start Guide - Administrator #

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3.Quick Start Guide - User #

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